Website Development Adelaide.

Your website is still CRITICAL to your online success in 2020!

Websites are still the primary hub for all digital marketing efforts in 2020. The beauty of your website is you actually control and own it! You don’t have to worry about algorithms or anything like that, you own the site and control the data of your clients that visit it!

This means that you’re able to do amazing things to help generate more clients without having to be nervous about an algorithm change.

Your website still is your online equivalent to your storefront and we would love to help you make sure you are earning as much money from your website as possible!

Ok so you may have a website... but does it work?

And by work, we just mean do you see income coming into your business every month that you can show comes from your website? So often we meet with businesses who have invested in nice looking website, that just sit there without any traffic and as a result, have no chance of returning income to the business! Imagine this… you’ve got an amazing little store, that sells amazing products that your customers RAVE about. You’ve spent thousands of dollars doing up your store so it looks incredible with creative displays, good vibes and an amazing look to it… only to have your store attract 0 new visitors day after day after day. That’s what most businesses websites are like!! Without traffic, no one gets the chance to see your business, or experience what you have to offer!

At Edison Digital, when we work with businesses across Adelaide we not only make sure their websites are modern, responsive, SEO friendly and look great, we make sure we get traffic to the website that turns into clients! Each month our clients get a report that shows them exactly how many people have visited their website, and how many have reached out to the business from the website so it’s super easy for a business owner to know exactly what income is coming from their website. We also work to build traffic over time so that income increases!

If you are needing to increase your income streams into your business, we would love to have a coffee with you and see how we can help! Digital marketing is not voodoo – it’s math! We can make sure your advertising spend brings results and you can look and see your businesses income actually growing.

What your website MUST do

If you want more leads from your website, let us know!

We're ready to help!

Some other ways we can help drive income to your business...

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a long term play that is worth the time! We always include SEO as part of our ongoing work with clients as the results of good SEO are brilliant! We'd love to help with your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Website SEO
Backlinks and Authority Creation
Local Directory Optimisation
Tracking and Analytics
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Social Media

If you're wanting to do social media well, build out your brand and have a strong audience base that supports your business, we can help!

Social Media

Social Media Management
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Strategy
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Google Ads

Google Ads are a great way to drive traffic to your site! Let us help set them up properly so you make money on your ads!

Google Ads

Keyword Strategies
Campaign Creation
Campaign Landing Pages
CPC and CPL Optimisation
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