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Good SEO Means Consistent Leads to Your Business

SEO is a crucial part of a marketing strategy for any business. Long story short, search engine optimisation is working on your website to make sure that when people for search for the the products and service you offer, your website comes up high on the first page so potential clients can easily contact you and use your business. SEO is a long term strategy that takes time and commitment, but once you get on multiple first pages for relevant search terms it’s well worth the investment.

So... what is SEO and how can it help?

Search Engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or web page by growing the quantity and quality of website traffic. In order words; SEO get’s more people to see your business and your website when they search on the internet for the products or services you offer.

SEO is used in order to rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP), this being what comes up when you make a search. The higher a website is on the SERP, the more likely a customer is to click on this website and thus be turned into potential customers.

The benefit of having a higher SERP is that it is perceived that a higher SERP is higher quality, or more official compared to a website on the 7th page of a google search. This initial perception is critical to business. A higher SERP also implies that that website has the closest resemblance to search and thus is closer to what a potential customer is looking for. SEO is important as it will provide you with the most accurate website per your search.

At Edison Digital we have worked with companies both nationally and internationally to steadily improve their organic google ranking and website traffic over time through engaging content and consistent authority building. As a company, we understand the nuances of SEO, SERP, and crawlers, and can use our expertise to our advantage in order to help develop and grow your business.

Top wins from a good SEO Strategy?

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