Sales Funnels Adelaide.

If you need leads, you need a sales funnel!

A sales funnel is a whole system of lead generation that uses an array of digital marketing strategies to walk prospects through a sales process, so that by the time they are speaking to you, they are high quality and largely qualified leads. 

Sales funnels are all about making sure when you spend money advertising, you’re doing everything you can to make sure your money isn’t being wasted, you’re retargeting to people who have previously engaged, and  providing multiple opportunities for potential clients to get on board with your offer!

What's the difference between a funnel and just an ad?

You know how you’ve probably had leads before come into your business after finding you online and you chase them up to speak to them, email them a quote and find that they are not even potential clients?

Or you might be in an industry where your leads need to be qualified more than others, and you can’t afford to spend time qualifying every prospect on the phone. In this case, we can design a funnel that walks prospects through a qualification process that you control, and can ensure that if they are not qualified, we can sort them out without having to take your or your teams time.

Put simply, a sales funnel is a system and process that allows you to scale up your online lead generation for really targeted advertising and develop a lead generation strategy that provides tangible results. 

Particularly useful for those who would benefit from stepping their prospects through a questionnaire, quiz or some form of qualifying step, a sales funnel allows you to source prospects online, without having to spend too much time following up people who are not your potential clients in the first place. 

Top wins from a good Sales funnel?

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