Getting Started Marketing as a Tradie in 2020

a to-the-point guide from us, to you!

Social media in 2020 currently runs the world. From a marketing sense there is a nearly unlimited reach to potential customers worldwide, this if used wisely can be an easy way to get those sales up.Social media marketing can be applicable to every type of business from a dentist to a tradie like yourself.

This blog will follow the nooks and crannies of social media marketing that can be used by tradies in order to drum up some work. Since trades are a service, there are slightly different aspects that require your focus when marketing, in comparison to selling a tangible product.

In order to effectively market a service we must concentrate on three main elements, these are, to choose the value (this being your segment, positioning, unique value proposition), create value (this being the quality of service and price), and finally communicating value this being the advertising itself.


This step involves choosing or developing the main strategy of your overall business. This includes segments (what types of consumers you are targeting), positioning (what kind of business is your business) and your unique selling proposition (what makes you different). A segment, or market segmentation is how you divide your consumers into more specific groups based on characteristics such as age, location, gender, or income. Understanding your potential segments will directly impact they type of advertising that you will carry out on social media (i.e. advertising to men over 40, use cooler colours and straighter lines). The positioning, is the place that your company is held in the mind of customers in comparison to competitors, i.e. are you better, cheaper, do you take longer etc. This is important to understand as your positioning shows what you are best at, and this is what your should focus your marketing around. Your unique selling proposition ties in with positioning, your unique selling proposition is what makes you stand out? or what makes you unique?, this is what your marketing should be based around.


This step is more of an in house matter, but it directly relates to your business. The creation of value is the reason people will use your service, what value will you provide to your customer and is it worth the price. It must be understood that customers buy services because they are looking for results and thus are willing to pay to see those results. Customers expect to obtain value from your service in exchange for the money, time, or effort they give to get it. Considering this, your service must be worth the customers money considering your price. In order to accurately price your service, you can look at competing businesses prices and quality of work and try to be better in either price, quality, or both. It is wise to compete on something that you are good at and they are not i.e. if they are competing on price, unless you are also capable to be profitable on even lower prices, you should compete in another area like speed of service. Competing on something that your competition is not is called a flanker strategy, and can be the best option for a smaller business with larger competition.


Using social media, communicating your value will depend on the first two elements. These mainly being the segments your are targeting and the positioning that your are trying to portray. Each segment that you have will require a slightly different method of communication, however, we are focusing on social media. It is wise to be active on multiple social media sites in order to gain the biggest reach.

Ilyaas Inglis

Ilyaas Inglis