How to get your Cafe Social in 2020

a to-the-point guide from us, to you!

If you’re looking for ideas towards content creation for cafes in this bizarre year that is 2020, then look no further!

Social media is an ever-growing tool utilised to help businesses grow and has proved its worthiness with all thing’s coffee and bagels. Cafes heavily rely on presenting their brand through platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn can come in very handy from time to time.

Whilst the idea of creating content on social media can be overwhelming, we are here as your marketing buddy to lean on and offer some tips and tricks that we have found to work within the field. In order to gain the desired customer attention, it is important to remember some handy hints:

1. Post consistently on social media platforms (2-3 times per week just to be that bit more specific)

2. Ensure posts are aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, involving products you sell and customer satisfaction (even involving the odd doggo photo can create interest and indicate that your business is pet friendly)

3. The use of stories and re-storying those who have tagged your business can act as a way of networking

4. Allow room for the occasional giveaway to gain more customer involvement and interaction

5. The odd quote never hurt, especially if it involves some humour or quirkiness within it

6. Hashtags will be your new, marketing best friend

Along with these various tips and tricks, it is important to distribute this information elsewhere to help engage with different demographics and audiences. Instagram has proven itself again at again at just how valuable it can be to improve a business and its brand. Not only can Instagram deliver ideas in an attractive manner, but it can produce information in a sharp and straight to the point kind of way.

When incorporating what content a café should present on their socials, a cut clean post with the title ‘Top 5 tips to build your brand’ can be produced to distribute similar ideas as presented in this blog. This similar idea can be presented on the account’s story also, listed in dot points as well as following a desired colour scheme palette to attract viewers. Stories on Instagram have demonstrated to be a fast and easy way to access information, so posts involving opening hours or menu items for example is an element that should be incorporated at least 2-3 times per week.

While Facebook’s popularity has dwindled within the past two years, it still withholds immense substance, particularly with the older demographic, and should therefore heavily be considered for any business looking to grow.

A good ‘ol handy tool on Facebook is the ability to share posts from other sites. In terms of distributing ideas created on this blog, sharing would be the best way to go. Along with this, quotes from the blog can be shared to the Facebook page as well as continuous tips and tricks for café content, allowing readers to further engage.

LinkedIn can act as a tool for so many various enhancements. LinkedIn is the core platform for connections and networking with other businesses to take place, which is why sharing this blog on our LinkedIn for example would act as a stepping stone to gaining more clients. The ability to create a segment where tips for building a café business can be dot pointed, also proving itself as valuable.

Danni Goodman

Danni Goodman