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One of the things we do best at Edison Digital is work closely with businesses to identify and promote exactly what makes them special! With so much competition online, it’s never mattered more to make sure you business is coming across well and clearly communicates what makes you, you!

Branding and design for us is just essential to getting the most out of digital marketing. Stand out, have a clear point of difference, clearly communicate your brand, services and products and then when we advertise, the results will be much better! 

Let us help package together your business to stand out and get results online in 2020!

But what goes into brand and design?

For us, branding your business well just means taking the time to really think through what it is you do, who your ideal customer is, and how we can connect the two of you as simply as possible! You need to take the time to really refine who you are, and who you help otherwise your messaging in any advertising will get lost in the noise of the online world.

Strategic and careful branding is the difference maker between whether or not you are constantly just going hand over fist with your marketing, competing on price, or feeling like you’re constantly haggling on price with your customers. Once you get clear on who you are and what makes you you, you give yourself the opportunity to engage with clients for more reasons than just price alone. It’s also crucial to customer loyalty and retention!

Branding your business well is so important that we don’t ever take on a new client until we have had a strategy meeting with them about their brand and messaging. It is so fundamental to doing your digital marketing well and profitably. If you’d like to have a discussion with our team over a coffee to see how we can help clarify, refine and promote your business, reach out! We’re really looking forward to speaking with you!

Areas we can help!

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Some other ways we can help drive income to your business...

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a long term play that is worth the time! We always include SEO as part of our ongoing work with clients as the results of good SEO are brilliant! We'd love to help with your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Website SEO
Backlinks and Authority Creation
Local Directory Optimisation
Tracking and Analytics
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Social Media

If you're wanting to do social media well, build out your brand and have a strong audience base that supports your business, we can help!

Social Media

Social Media Management
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Strategy
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Website Development

Let us help make sure you website is not only current and up to date, but is bringing in a stream of income to your business.

Website Development

Website Designs and Builds
Page Optimisation
Campaign Landing Pages
Tracking and Analytics
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