How to build and save your club in 2020!

a to-the-point guide from us, to you!

The year 2020 has been an…. Interesting one. Without even explaining I’m sure you know why.

With restrictions still being put in place we don’t have much wriggle room and has taken a huge toll on our financial and entertainment for our clubs. So how are you going to save your club? In these times of hardship, how can you bring new members?

There’s only one answer to it… And its marketing.

You need to let people you know that your club is still thriving and active and is willing to still reach out. Show them what’s happening in the clubs, the latest news, the upcoming events, and highlights.

Social Media is the fastest and most efficient method to get across the latest information. Everyone has access to it and provides a community where they can respond and communicate to one another.Here are some tips on what you can do

  1. Share highlights
  2. Advertise merchandise
  3. Provide latest or upcoming events
  4. Share and tag people on photos and video
  5. Respond to comments 
  6. Reach out to people via email or other social media platforms
  7. Update any information about your club

Gathering together for an event is the best way to increase foot traffic and increase your club exposure. Meeting with your new members face-to-face allows to establish more intimate and personal relationship with your club, as well as forming a sense of belonging. Ideas for future events:

  • Fundraisers
  • Collaborations
  • Meetings
  • Networking

Sometimes we don’t know much about our members, and by conducting a survey will not only help you get information about your members, but also what they want and look forward to in club events, activities and etc. You can provide these surveys through your events, or even through polls and links on your social media platforms.

Annie Nah

Annie Nah