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What we do for you:


Clarify your Message

What is the message you want to get across to your customers? It is key that your brand identity and messaging is clear. Work with us to develop the best image for you. 


Build your Brand

Building your brand with us is easy. We work with your Social Media, Advertising, Brand Implementation, Search Engine Optimisation etc…


Attract New Customers

Once the new customers come rolling in, we help manage this for you efficiently and comprehensively. 

We Help Local Businesses Grow

Let us help you.

Website Development

Let us help make sure your website is not only current and up to date, but is bringing in a stream of income to your business.

Website Development

Website Designs and Builds
Page Optimisation
Campaign Landing Pages
Tracking and Analytics
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Social Media

If you're wanting to do social media well, build out your brand and have a strong audience base that supports your business, we can help!

Social Media

Social Media Management
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Strategy
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Google Ads

Google Ads are a great way to drive traffic to your site! Let us help set them up properly so you make money on your ads!

Google Ads

Keyword Strategies
Campaign Creation
Campaign Landing Pages
CPC and CPL Optimisation
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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a long term play that is worth the time! We always include SEO as part of our ongoing work with clients as the results of good SEO are brilliant! We'd love to help with your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Website SEO
Backlinks and Authority Creation
Local Directory Optimisation
Tracking and Analytics
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We're experienced with brand messaging, strategy and graphic design and ready to help clarify your companies messaging and presentation.


Graphic Design
Brand Communication
Brand Strategy
Branding Consultation
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Sales Funnels

We're great at using a whole array of digital mediums in a predictable system that delivers results.

Sales Funnels

Funnel Strategy
Funnel Design
Campaign Landing Pages
Tracking and Analytics
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Why partner with Edison Digital?

We love digital marketing, and we love business.

For us, being engaged by a business means joining their team. We get into the trenches, work closely with the business owners and develop tailored marketing strategies across all digital mediums to keep growing the digital presence, and ultimately income of the business.

A digital marketing strategy is more than just a website, SEO, Facebook campaign or Google Ads strategy, it’s about how we utilise these platforms together so they all contribute to growing the business.

Know exactly where your money is going, and how much return you’re getting from it.

Reach out, and let’s see how we can help grow your business in 2020.


So many business are wasting a huge percentage of their marketing spend by only spending or investing in 1 or 2 marketing mediums – and they might not even be getting decent returns from that!

We spend a considerable amount of time getting to know your business, what services you offer, where your profit comes from, what your profit margins are etc. so we can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that best uses the whole spectrum of digital marketing mediums to add revenue to your business.


Once we have plotted a comprehensive strategy for your business, we get to work on applying it. We do everything needed to get your marketing right. From website and landing page development, to graphics, videos, copy writing, content creation and scheduling, if you’re a client of Edison Digital, we do whatever is needed to get your marketing working!

A brilliant strategy, well applied, is a recipe for success in anything and marketing is no different.


We continuously track, measure and optimise our strategies. Working with us is about constantly looking to improve our marketing strategies and implementation to make sure the results continue to add value to your business.

We don’t just set and forget anything we do. If we can’t track and measure it, we generally don’t do it – or at least make sure we are doing it in conjunction with other strategies we can track and measure. This way, our results are easy to gauge, and you can clearly see what return you are getting on your investment!

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